Youth News

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St Martin’s Youth Fellowship..

Helping youth piece together their faith!!!

What’s happening with the Youth at St Martins?

Youth Activities –

Join in the fun! Our many fun activities include… Six Flags, retreat at the Lake of the Ozarks,  VBS,  game day, ice skating,  “Senior” Prom, Halloween Party, bowling, movie nights, Trunk-Or-Treat, plays, Progressive Dinners, Canoe Camp,  and more!!

Outreach –

STM Youth Fellowship has been a major part of our church family for many years – today more than ever our youth are vital to our church family, denomination and community.  We have a great group of kids who are always looking for ways to help others.  The past few years our summer mission trips have been in our local community.  We have helped put in gardens, paint gazeboes, dig trenches, move wood, clean gutters, and countless other chores that our church family members cannot do on their own, or would just like a little help with.  We support a local family each Christmas with an adopt a family program.  We have dinner together, shop, wrap, and join in fellowship while bringing a little happiness to others.  We are active in all of our yearly events, but personally sponsor Trunk-Or-Treat and Ash Wednesday Soup & Chili Dinner.

In 2014 we supported a new outreach program – The Jefferson County Homeless Youth Initiative. This is a group that helps homeless teens in the Jefferson County area with hygiene items, emergency shelter, and counseling support. Sadly this is a growing crisis in our rural part of Missouri – effecting nearly every school district. Right here in our own district we have approximately 50 homeless youth. The Homeless Youth Initiative was our VBS mission last year. We then hosted a Homelessness Out of a Box event. We had sponsorships, built our own box shelters, ate soup kitchen type meals — and most importantly raised $2,300.00 that will be set aside in a fund for emergency shelter programs.  Our Homelessness Out of the Box event this year will be held in conjunction with our June 6th Chicken Dinner.  We are hoping to raise even more money to help this youth program as well as others in our area.


If you would like to join us, or have questions about the youth activities at St Martin’s, contact the Youth Coordinator for more information at .

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