Men’s Fellowship


In 2014 the men of the church gathered together in prayer, fellowship, laughter, and some tears to accomplish our goals set throughout the year.  This year we built, painted, nailed, fried chicken, helped women’s fellowship, cooked apple butter, worked at festivals, went on float trips, prayed and religious retreats, washed, waxed and help build new sanctuary, also additions to storage sheds, and supported all church events.  We started a Skeet Shooting program for church members of all ages.  Fed pizza to the Boy Scouts and showed our appreciation to all the women with a church breakfast. We also supported the Community Dinners and Community Christmas programs.

We are proud to have accomplished this in 2014 and are looking forward to 2015, with the support of our church it will be another great year. We begin 2015 with something new – Men’s Fellowship Yearly Book. This book will highlight Men and church activities throughout the year; give contact information for officers and committee chairs, outlines our yearly budget, and gives our mission statement for growing in faith and fellowship together.  Please see the church office if you would like a copy and we hope you will join us on our journey this year!

“Strengthen the brother”  – Luke 22:32


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