Church Heritage



In 1853, a small group of Christians gathered together in a log barn in Dittmer, Missouri to worship in the Evangelical tradition of their German ancestors. Three years later, the congregation constructed their first church of hewn logs, daubed with mud plaster.



The building contained a sanctuary in the front and two rooms in the rear for the living quarters of the minister and his family.
In 1874 the congregation built a white frame church. 




In 1919 the congregation joined the Evangelical synod of North America. The church became a member of the new Evangelical and Reformed Church in 1931.


In St. Martin’s one hundredth year of service, it joined the United Church of Christ. A new church building was dedicated in 1958, and plans began for an educational building complete with basement and upstairs classrooms.


Ground was broken for the educational building in 1963, and St. Martin’s served the community providing Kindergarten classes when there were none in public schools.





The Spirit that inspired our ancestors gathering in Henry Gruenhold’s barn in 1853, flourishes today! Whether in the spirit of service or worship, St. Martin’s United Church of Christ Dittmer, continues to grow in believers and is dedicated to serving the community in the name of Christ.

One thought on “Church Heritage

  1. Throughout my life, been through many trials, St. Martin’s was always there for me. I always knew when I cam home, the church and the church family would be there to welcome me. It is the most important part of my life. We are so blessed with a great church family and that includes the best minister I have ever had, a fabulous choir and talent galore. Love you St. Martin’s!

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