Vacation Bible School


 JULY 27-31/ 9am-noon


vbs 12

During our 2012 Sonsurf  Beach Bash VBS we averaged 80 kids per day. While at the beach we had Big Questions and received Big Answers. Day one they Met Up with Jesus and found out Who Jesus was. Day two they Looked Up to Jesus and found out Why we can Trust Him, Day three they Joined up with Jesus and discovered how he can help us when we mess up, Day four they Opened Up to Jesus and found out What Jesus wants us to do, Day five they got Fired Up for Jesus and learned about how they should be a disciple and tell others about him. While at the beach the kids visited many places. They went to Project Point to make crafts, Bon Fire Beach to listen to Bible stories, Snack Shack for snacks, Hallelujah Harbor to sing God’s praises, and Big Wave Bible games where they played games. The mission this year was Pack the Pantry where the children brought in $320 in offering along with canned goods that were all donated to the Peace Pantry to help out local families in need. Thanks to all that attended and all who helped out to make it another very successful year!


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