Sunday School

Sunday School classes welcome all children from age 5-12 to join us for a Rotation Station Program. Each week during the month we revisit the same story, but in different ways. We have a story time, cooking station, craft station and drama/ play time. All teaching the children Bible stories in different ways and how the stories relate to each activity. Sunday School is held every Sunday during our regular worship which begins at 9:45 am. The children will be with parents in worship for the beginning of service and communion (1st Sunday and Special Services) then come forward for Children’s Moments with Pastor Scott and then leave to attend SonShine Haus.

Spring 2011 we added our 4-6 th grade Sunday School Class called “Bible Blasters”. The older children have class in the Upper Room (loft area of SonShine Haus) were they learn the same lessons and the younger children do, but on a higher learning level.  Computer programs are used to aid the teaching of this group who are getting ready to begin Confirmation Classes.

There will be a Sunday School leader or older youth Shepherd who will “lead” the children from Children’s Time to SonShine Haus. Parents are asked to come to SonShine Haus following worship to pick up their children. This makes both parents and children feel more secure, and know they are in good hands during their time of worship and Bible lessons. 

                       We hope that you and your children will be a part of all of this as we study the Bible stories during our time at SonShine Haus!

St Martin’s Christian Education Committee invites you to join us for

Sunday School…. See what we will learn about in the coming months!


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