Confirmation Information

Each year as the summer draws to a close, thoughts and plans are of returning to school, both academically and religiously. With this renewed focus on Bible lessons also comes a new Confirmation Class. Confirmation is a time of study and growth in your faith. A time of passage into the membership of St. Martin’s United Church of Christ. How excited we are to be sharing this journey with the 7th & 8th grade youth and their families. Pastor Scott Lohse and the confirmands meet each once a week. The second Saturday of each month we will meet and carpool for a class field trip to local agencies and/or churches of other denominations. We will visit the Emmaus Home, The St. Louis Cathedral,  Chapel Hill Mortuary and attend a Bar Mitzvah in the spring. In 2013 we also attended the Holocaust Museum for a very moving look at the religious persecution that was endured during WWII.   During our time together we will explore what Church Membership means, what  the Bible is, where did it came from and the books within, and UCC history along with other topics. Students will interview members about their lives and faith journeys, choose a mentor to help them along the way, and write a faith statement based on their experiences and thoughts. Students are also asked to attend “special” services throughout our learning time to understand the different celebrations of the church. These times will teach of Advent during the Christmas season, and Lent to understand the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and at times participating in these services. Our hope is that students have an overall understanding of what it truly means to lead a Christian way of life and how to be Good Shepherds in the lives of others. All youth 7th & 8th grade are encouraged to join us, invite your friends, family and neighbors of this same age and learn together, just as the Disciples did, of God’s word through the works of his son, Jesus Christ. Pastor Scott is looking forward to meeting with all of you and beginning your journey of learning together. Any family with questions about Confirmation, please contact Pastor Scott Lohse at the church office 636-285-4797 or 636-274-7078 ext. 11 or

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